Fire Security Systems

The permanent extinguishing device Gabar contains aerosol extinguishing generators Gabar and electronic controlling system.

The GABAR P generators are designed for the total flooding of class A and B fires and the inactivation of explosive environment. It is very reliable in the extinguishing of fires of solid substances, flammable liquids and gases, electrical devices in commercial buildings, houses, offices and garages. It can be used for any oil products, plastic materials, thermal insulation, cable insulation, gases, river and sea vessels and other means of transport.

The GABAR P generators produce cooled aerosol. The aerosol's action lies in the active inhibition of chemical reactions accompanying burning process. The main inhibition role is represented by a solid phase of aerosol. Aerosol is highly efficient extinguisher, harmless to the environment.

The controlling of SHZG is secured by an electronic system. The system secures monitoring of emergency states, controlling, automatic Gabar initiation. The performance parameters are permanently monitored, and give both optical and acoustic signalling. In case of mains failure we guarantee unbroken operation for at least 72 hours, managed by a secondary source.

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